Meet the House Teams

Mentorship is a big part of MIT residential life. All residence halls have a live-in House Team that cultivates community among their residents.

A Network of Support for Residents

Heads of House & Associate Heads of House

Houses are led by live-in faculty, called Heads of House, who offer academic and personal support to residents. Heads of House, as well as Associate Heads of House, often live with their spouses or partners and families, and they lead the House Team.

House Operations Managers

House Operations Managers "HOMs" are assigned to each residence and are full-time staff members responsible for the operations and facilities of a residence. HOMs supervise building operations including the front desk, cleaning, and maintenance staff.

Area Directors

Area Directors "ADs" are full-time professional staff members who are the student-outreach and support experts. As live-in staff, they assist with the transition to college and general navigation through MIT.

Graduate Resident Advisors

Graduate resident advisors "GRAs" provide academic support to students on many residential floors/wings as live-in staff.

Residential Peer Mentors

Residential Peer Mentors "PMs" are trained undergraduate students who serve as community-builders, leaders, and resources. They are a direct support person for a small cohort of first-year students.

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