Front entrance of brick building with windows along the front, greenery in the foreground with New House sign at the bottom right corner, blue skies in the background.

Welcome to Juniper

    A Note from Current Residents:

    Juniper is a new undergraduate living group founded in 2022. We strive to organize programming that centers the unique cultural experiences and identities of all Black women. We see this community as an anchor and haven to its members no matter where they are on their journey of their becoming.

    Juniper Mission

    Juniper is an undergraduate living group centered on the celebration of the achievements of Black women by providing a residential environment that fosters community, leadership, and passion. We encourage balance between academic and personal pursuits by empowering members to work on projects that exemplify their passions.

    Juniper Values


    • We foster a community at MIT that prioritizes the safety and mental health of all women in environments that do not acknowledge the intersectionality of Black womanhood. We are a space for members to form, retain, and share their cultural experiences and identities that center the unique experiences of all Black women and non-binary people.

    Support for Passions

    • We create an intentional space for members to continue to pursue their interests while balancing strong academics. We also focus on uplifting the passions of members as well as the works of Black women in the area and beyond. We highlight Black women owned businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, innovators, writers, and more.

    Professional Development and Leadership

    • We connect members to MIT’s academic and professional resources. Additionally, we facilitate early connections between members and various faculty, departments, and administrators by arranging seminars, lectures, and workshops.


    Many students form cooking groups with friends, or simply with people that have similar eating schedules.

    • Some members of the community choose to cook independently.

    • Other members choose to have a meal plan. While New House does not have a dining hall, Next House, which does have a dining hall, is only 100 feet away.

    New House
    471-476 Memorial Drive
    Building W70
    Cambridge, MA 02139
    Tel. (617) 253-6561

    Questions about the community may be directed to resident leaders by emailing

    Facility Information

    Yes (Chocolate City all-male, Juniper all-female)
    Room Types
    Singles 46%; Doubles 54%
    Room Cost per Semester
    $7,315 - $6,530
    $35-95 (depending on the specific house)
    Dining Program
    Cook-for-Yourself Community
    Air Conditioning
    Shuttle Stop
    Pets Allowed
    no pets (except fish)
    Style of Building
    suite/corridor style

      New House Living Groups

      All six physical houses are connected by the "arcade" on the first floor of the building. In addition, houses 1, 2, 3 and 4, and 5 and 6 are connected diagonally on the second through fifth floors. 

      The rooms in these six physical houses are divided into nine living groups, which, to make things confusing on purpose, are also called "houses”. New House is split into 9 different living groups: 5 cultural houses and 4 numbered houses. Click to learn more!