New Vassar

Orange and white building with windows, greenery in the foreground, blue skies in the background.

Welcome to New Vassar

    A Note from Current Residents:

    New Vassar is the newest addition to the undergraduate residence community at MIT. New Vassar opened its doors in Spring 2021 has been created as a 450-bed, living-learning community to help students unlock their full potential, both academically and personally. Residents of New Vassar are provided with the space and support to cultivate new friendships and positive relationships with faculty, staff and peers. Community members have the chance to live in a diverse, equitable, and inclusive living climate that will contribute to a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. New Vassar accomplishes these lofty goals through the application of shared values related to:

    • Well-being

    • Inclusiveness

    • Integrity

    • Community

    • Adventure

    • Collaboration

    • Kindness

    With amazing amenities including progressive dining, fitness spaces and a world class maker space, New Vassar is where you can explore your sense of purpose and passion for lifelong learning and discovery.

    New Vassar is one of six in-house dining communities and residents are required to enroll in a minimum meal plan based upon class year.  MIT Dining partners with Bon Appétit to provide an all-you-care-to-eat option within the residential dining hall. Please see the MIT Dining website for additional details. All students are encouraged to consider their meal plan options when choosing their housing preferences.

    A unique feature of MIT’s residential system is that student Room Assignment Chairs or "RACs" coordinate individual room assignments in each building along with members of their House Team.  Each house approaches room assignments a bit differently but all follow these principles: 

    • New student preferences will be used to make room assignments.
    • Upper-level students will not preference or select students to live on their floors/entry/community.
    • First-year students may opt out of exploration and required moves.

    At New Vassar, first-year students are paired with roommates using responses from their housing application (which asks about sleep schedules, hobbies/interests, etc.) Once all roommates have been assigned, first-year pairs are randomly assigned rooms from the pool of open rooms. First-years have the option to exchange rooms and find new roommates. However, this is entirely optional and the default at New Vassar is to stay in the room originally assigned.

    In-house First-year Process
    In-house Assignments by
    Room/Roommate Preferences

    New Vassar
    Building W46
    189 Vassar Street
    Cambridge, MA 02139

    Visit the resident-managed website for more information about New Vassar.  Questions about the community may be directed to resident leaders by emailing

    Facility Information

    Air Conditioning
    hallways only
    Dining Program
    meal plan required
    Pets Allowed
    no pets (except fish)
    Room Cost per Semester
    $7,315 - $6,530
    Room Types
    Singles-42%; Doubles-58%
    Shuttle Stop
    Style of Building
    corridor style
    $75 (For AY23-24, subject to change for AY24-25)

    From the Residents

    Video, photos and quotes from real MIT residents.