New House

Front entrance of brick building with windows along the front, greenery in the foreground with New House sign at the bottom right corner, blue skies in the background.

Welcome to New House

    New House is home to The Numbered Houses and Cultural Houses. Please see the specific sub-pages for more information.

    Cultural House Mutual Selection Process

    This process applies to only those interested in living in the cultural houses within New House, which include: Chocolate City, French House, German House, iHouse and Spanish House.

    1. Rank it among your top 5 choices during the summer application process (May 26 - June 9).
    2. Between June 3 - June 16, a member of the cultural house will contact you to give you a sense of what it's like to live there.
    3. After speaking (or emailing) with a member of the cultural house, if you decide you would like to live in the cultural house, you MUST email us at to confirm your interest by June 16.
    4. The cultural house will provide information to Housing & Residential Services about the students who participated in the information sharing process.
    5. If you and the cultural house agree, you will be assigned to the cultural house in the lottery.

    New House is a Cook-for-Yourself Community, which means that a meal plan is not required to live within the building. Residents cook meals using shared kitchen areas and specific cultural houses within New House may handle cooking differently. Please see the specific sub-pages for each cultural house for more information.

    Residents of the building may still opt to enroll within any meal plan available through MIT Dining. In-house dining areas are located throughout the campus and are open to the entire MIT community. They provide a broad range of diverse and healthy options prepared from fresh quality ingredients. Please see the MIT Dining website for additional details. 

    New House
    471-476 Memorial Drive
    Building W70
    Cambridge, MA 02139
    Tel. (617) 253-6561

    Facility Information

    Air Conditioning
    Yes (Chocolate City all-male, Juniper all-female)
    Dining Program
    Cook-for-Yourself Community
    Pets Allowed
    no pets (except fish)
    Room Cost per Semester
    $7,315 - $6,530
    Room Types
    Singles 46%; Doubles 54%
    Shuttle Stop
    Style of Building
    suite/corridor style
    $35-95 (depending on the specific house)

    New House Living Groups

    All six physical houses are connected by the "arcade" on the first floor of the building. In addition, houses 1, 2, 3 and 4, and 5 and 6 are connected diagonally on the second through fifth floors. 

    The rooms in these six physical houses are divided into nine living groups, which, to make things confusing on purpose, are also called "houses”. New House is split into 9 different living groups: 5 cultural houses and 4 numbered houses. Click to learn more!

    From the Residents

    Video, photos and quotes from real MIT residents.

    House Videos