Maseeh Hall

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Welcome to Maseeh Hall

    A Note from Current Residents:

    Maseeh Hall. MIT's castle. Our home. Maseeh is the largest, best lit, and safest dorm around. Located at the center of student life, Maseeh is the most conveniently located residency and is the only dorm which serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night dining!

    Maseeh’s motto is “Be you, with us.” As one of MIT’s most diverse residencies on campus, 500 undergraduates call Maseeh Hall their home. We have 12 Graduate Resident Assistants (GRAs), a visiting Resident Scholar (coming back soon!), Heads of House, Associate Heads of House, an Area Director, and a House Manager all living in this building and available to help residents with issues ranging anywhere from academics to personal concerns. Together, we strive to form a community where everyone feels valued and welcomed.

    Beyond just our building, one can find students of every background, course, and extracurricular activity working in our lounges and study rooms! Each of our seven floors is continuing to develop its own culture and community through throwing events, weekly study breaks, and group trips. As a house, Maseeh holds two formals each year, a Fall Formal and Spring Boat Cruise, with numerous events such as Maseehcre, Maseeh Cup, and dorm-wide merch distributions in between! Whether you like rock climbing, apple picking, bowling, or movies nights, you are bound to find events and entertainment that suit you!

    Open now for our twelfth year, we hope you will consider calling Maseeh your new home at MIT. And please feel free to reach out with any questions!

    Maseeh Hall is one of six in-house dining communities and residents are required to enroll in a minimum meal plan based upon class year.  MIT Dining partners with Bon Appétit to provide an all-you-care-to-eat option within the residential dining hall. Please see the MIT Dining website for additional details. All students are encouraged to consider their meal plan options when choosing their housing preferences.  The Howard Dining Hall in Maseeh Hall is located on the first floor of our building.

    A unique feature of MIT’s residential system is that student Room Assignment Chairs or "RACs" coordinate individual room assignments in each building along with members of their House Team.  Each house approaches room assignments a bit differently but all follow these principles: 

    • New student preferences will be used to make room assignments.
    • Upper-level students will not preference or select students to live on their floors/entry/community.
    • First-year students may opt out of exploration and are not required to move.

    The internal preference forms distributed by Maseeh Hall RACs collect information on sleep, cleanliness, guest, and room type preferences. If a first-year prefers to room with a fellow first-year, RACs will try to assign a room together. If there is no roommate preference, RACs will group first-years with people whose preferences best align and will then randomly assign room numbers. About 95% of Maseeh residents choose to keep their original assignment, but those wishing to move may enter the first-year in-house readjustment lottery either as an individual or as a group.

    First-years may opt in to this process by following directions to enter the first-year readjustment lottery.


    In-house First-year Process
    In-house Assignments by
    Room/Roommate Preferences

    Maseeh Hall
    305 Memorial Drive
    Building W1
    Cambridge, MA 02139
    Tel. (617) 253-4935

    Visit the resident-managed website for more information about Maseeh Hall.  Questions about the community may be directed to resident leaders by emailing

    Facility Information

    Air Conditioning
    hallways only
    Dining Program
    meal plan required
    Pets Allowed
    no pets (except fish)
    Room Cost per Semester
    $7,315 - $5,325
    Room Types
    Singles-21%; Doubles-60%; Triples-6%; Quads-5%
    Shuttle Stop
    Style of Building
    corridor style
    $50 (For AY23-24, subject to change for AY24-25)

    From the Residents

    Video, photos and quotes from real MIT residents.