Jasmine "Jas" Boyd-Perry

Area Director

Jas graduated from University of Massachusetts Boston Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Sociology. They wrote their thesis on the portrayals of Black Love in Film, which is available online for reading. Jas has focused their career on supporting the development of others. They worked in Residence Life at art organizations, universities and completed a certificate in Non-Profit Management at Tufts University. Jas has an interest in the intersections of art, education, business, and social justice. Outside of higher ed, Jas is in the process of becoming a doula and is the founder of an organization that focuses on supporting and celebrating systemically disadvantaged communities. Recently, Jas received a Mass Poetry Community Award for organizing inclusive and accessible open mics in greater Boston.

Connect with Jas via email at JASBP@mit.edu.