New House

Cultural House Mutual Selection Process

This process applies to only those interested in living in the cultural houses within New House, which include: Chocolate City, French House, German House, iHouse and Spanish House.


1. Rank it among your top 5 choices during the summer application process (May 27th - June 10).

2. Between June 4 - June 17, a member of the cultural house will contact you to give you a sense of what it's like to live there.

3. After speaking (or emailing) with a member of the cultural house, if you decide it is a good fit for you, you MUST email us at to confirm your interest by June 17.
4. The cultural house will also let us know if they think you would be happy in their community.
5. If you choose them, and they choose you, you will be assigned to the cultural house in the lottery.

Dining Information

New House is a cook-for-yourself community. Specific houses under New House handle this differently. Please see the specific sub-pages for more information.

Meet the House Teams

New House

New House - Houses at at Glance

The Numbered Houses

New House has an amazing mixture of people, cultures, interests, and activities. We house all of MIT’s cultural groups as well as five numbered houses, each with their own distinctive culture and each great in its own way. Our facilities are on par or better than those anywhere else on campus, with a laundromat, weight room, game room, study room, and courtyards readily available, and our GRTs and Head of House do their best to make living here as comfortable as possible--at least for MIT.

Chocolate City

Chocolate City is more than just a cultural house: it is home to about 30 men from all different backgrounds. It is a community that strives to promote each individual's ethnic identity as minorities as best as possible.


The International Development House (iHouse), MIT's only living-learning community, is comprised of 21 undergraduates who are passionate about international development.

German House

German House is a small, cozy living group of 24 students inside New House. While we each have our own single, the lounge is a center of activity where we share 6 meals a week (that take turns cooking for the house) and more!


French House

We cook dinner together six days a week, with everyone taking a turn as a member of a four person cooking team. Making a mess of the kitchen once a week turns out to be a lot of fun.

Spanish House

La Casa, also known as Spanish House, is unique amongst MIT's living groups.