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471-476 Memorial Drive (W70)
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Spanish House

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For more information about living at Spanish House, please email Stephanie Nuñez Dominguez and Ivan Alexis Mosqueda at

About the Community


Hello class of 2023! Bienvenidos a La Casa! Welcome to Spanish House! Located in New House, Spanish House is a home away from home for all of its members. Join us in celebrating our culture and fostering our strong sense of community. All are welcome!


La Casa, or Spanish House, is an official undergraduate cooperative living group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It provides an environment which stimulates learning about the Spanish language and the culture of Spanish speakers. All members of the House shall be treated equally. The primary responsibility of House membership is to help other members learn the Spanish language and the culture of Spanish speakers; therefore no member shall be ridiculed for his/her lack of ability or knowledge in these areas.


La Casa- 21 Rooms, 28 Members, 1 Family


La Casa is a cultural living group open to the entire MIT community. We’re a close-knit community comprised of very wonderful people with varied tastes and character. We always look out for each other and very sincerely care for one another. We’re all very close here and spend a lot of time together both inside and outside of New House. It’s common for residents to have an open door while playing video games or watching a movie. La Casa has many community-building activities and events–study breaks once a week, an annual fall retreat in New Hampshire, a Thanksgiving dinner, a La Casa holiday dinner in December (which also includes a Secret Santa gift exchange), a Spring retreat (last year we went to Montreal), Finals dinners, an annual Assassins game, impromptu Nerf fights, etc. If a member is in a concert or show, etc. you can expect to see a large part of La Casa attending the event to cheer on the performing member. The connections we’ve forged in Spanish House are some of our strongest yet. Life in La Casa is fun and memorable!

Facility Information

Facility Information: 

Capacity: 290

Coed: Yes (except for Chocolate City, an all-male identifying community and Juniper, an all-female identifying community)

Room Types: Single, Double

Cost per semester: $5,895 - $5,215

House Tax: $35 to $95 (depending on the specific house)

Dining Program: Cook-for-Yourself Community

Smoking: No

Carpeting: Hallways 

Air Conditioning: Yes

Elevator: Yes

Pets: No Pets (except fish)

Style of Building: Suite/Corridor Style

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Dining Information

Dining Information: 

One of the best things in La Casa-besides the wonderful people-is our meal plan. Two people are paired up and become cooking/cleaning partners for the semester; you cook/clean on the same day every week, alternating between cooking one week and cleaning the next. The menu consists of a main entrée (vegetarian option included), a salad, 2 side orders, and an optional dessert. This cooking system has proven to be very successful; dinners for an entire month (6 days a week-we only cook before school nights) that usually end up being less than $70, significantly less than a dining hall plan. Eating dinner together is one of the biggest social aspects of La Casa; it really brings us closer together!

Meet the House Teams

Wesley L. Harris (Head of House)
John Ross Campbell (Associate Director for Undergraduate Residential Life )