Random Hall

Building NW61
290 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139

Random Hall

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For questions about living at Random Hall, please email random-info@mit.edu.

About the Community


Welcome to Random Hall, just north of campus and home to 93 students, a smattering of helpful adults, and, possibly, you!


We really do mean home.


Random Hall is a community where you'll always be accepted for who you are: any background, any major, any lifestyle, any orientation, any miscellaneous eccentricities. Our community is wide-ranging and spans many interests, identities, and hobbies, but we're all united by a desire to support each other, a willingness to embrace each others' differences, and a nigh-indescribable brand of nerdiness.


This mutual acceptance goes beyond just making Random a welcoming place to live. When everyone respects each others' ideas, one person's ridiculous suggestions, rather than being ignored, might get picked up by everyone else and expanded into something truly unique. You'll often find Randomites spontaneously creating things, having impromptu dance parties or other get-togethers, or just talking late into the night. This explains many things that you might find in Random, from murals and artwork in the hallways, to our 25-year-old milk, to the source of those strange noises and delighted laughter you happen to hear from a nearby staircase.


Random is split into eight floors of 12-14 residents, each with a distinct culture and set of traditions. We're all connected by our common values and several twisting staircases and passages, but your floor is the tight-knit group of people that you'll see every day. All floors welcome visitors from anywhere in Random and we all come together for weekly study breaks and many other events. Full descriptions of the floors are available on our website, or you can ask any Randomite. We love sharing our stories! Some important points, though: three of our floors are single-gender (one all-men and two all-women), and two floors allow cats.


If you're interested in hearing more about us, you can email random-info@mit.edu or visit our website at web.mit.edu/random-hall/

Facility Information

Facility Information: 

Capacity: 93

Coed: yes (some single gender floors)

Room Types: Singles-50%; Doubles-50%

Cost per semester: $5,650 - $4,990

House Tax: $90

Dining Program: cook-for-yourself community

Smoking: no

Carpeting: all rooms

Air Conditioning: no

Shuttle Stop: no

Elevators: no

Pets: cats (on select floors) and fish permitted

Style of Building: corridor style

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Dining Information

Dining Information: 

Cook for yourself. Some people form cooking groups, but most people cook their own meals. Each floor has a fully-equipped kitchen, with each large fridge being shared among 3 or 4 residents, while each resident has their own personal cabinet space. We have recently started a dorm-wide food delivery service via Peapod. Each week Randomites place their orders and all the groceries are delivered together. Other places for groceries include Target, Harvest and H-mart in Central Square, while Randomites also frequent the nearby restaurants with groups of friends from the dorm. Floor dinners, study breaks, and other food-filled occasions are frequent. For the students who come in not having any idea how to cook, Random is filled with various cookbooks, learn-to-cook events, and helpful upperclassmen.

  • Double room in Random Hall
  • Single room in Random Hall
  • Foo Lounge at Random Hall
  • floor lounge at Random Hall

Meet the House Teams

Jared and Laurie Berezin (Heads of House)
Joe Graham (House Operations Manager)
Jacob Oppenheimer (Area Director)