Next House

Building W71
500 Memorial Drive
Cambridge, MA 02139

Next House

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About the Community

Welcome to Next House!



We’re a community of 360 close-knit Nexties who are known for being welcoming and friendly. We foster both a strong house-wide community as well as smaller, more distinct, communities within each of our eight wings. Our wings are centered around our lounges big and small, where both work and leisure take place. We scribble algorithms and doodles alike on our abundant whiteboards, play Super Smash Bros until late at night, analyze difficult pset problems, celebrate each others' birthdays, hold variously-themed study breaks, and so many other activities that bring us together. We are each other’s workout buddies, dinner conversations, late-night bandmates, spontaneous snowball fight enemies, and Next Dining study comrades. To us, Next House is more than a dorm - it's our home.



One of the most unique features of Next House is the strength of our student groups, which celebrate our hobbies and interests. Next Gamers, Next Make, Next Act, Next Art, Next Haunt, Next Sustain, Next Service, Next Badminton, Next Bake, Next Big Thing, Next Anime, Next Sing, and Next Cook are all integral parts of our community and our lives here at MIT. They throw events and create projects for the entire dorm, like a haunted house/escape-room, a performance of Shrek the Musical, and weekly board game nights which can last until four in the morning -- just to name a few. Next Exec, our student government, also organizes events throughout the year, including an annual formal dance, a ski trip, a laser tag trip, a celebration of Pi Day, and monthly donut socials!




Living at Next House has been one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling parts of our MIT experience, and we hope that as you begin your MIT career, you choose to not only live at Next House but also become a part of our Next House community.


Facility Information

Facility Information: 

Capacity: 368

Coed: yes

Room Types: Singles-69%; Doubles-24%; Triples-7%

Cost per semester: $6,330 - $5,005

House Tax: $83

Dining Program: meal plan required

Smoking: no

Carpeting: hallways only

Air Conditioning: no

Shuttle Stop: yes

Elevators: yes

Pets: no pets (except fish)

Style of Building: corridor style

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Dining Information

Dining Information: 

Dining Hall in building. More information at


Next Dining has stir-fry, grill, bits & bites, comfort, salad, soup, and dessert sections, along with six different kinds of ice cream every night! For more information about the meal plan and daily menus, please check out
Next House is also the home to the Country Kitchen, one of the biggest kitchens on the MIT campus. It has five stoves (= 20 burners), five ovens, and four fridges, so a lot of student groups also host events in this space. In addition, we also have a set of grills for when the sun is out and we are about! It’s been used to cook s’mores, rex burgers, shish kabobs, and rare steaks.

Meet the House Teams

Jhon Gonzalez (House Operations Manager)
John Ross Campbell (Associate Director for Undergraduate Residential Life )