McCormick Hall

Building W4
320 Memorial Drive
Cambridge, MA 02139

McCormick Hall

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About the Community


McCormick Hall is MIT’s only all-female residence hall, located less than 5 minutes from Lobby 7 and a few steps away from the Student Center. McCormick consists of two towers and the annex. The east tower is made up entirely of singles with 20 residents on each floor split into two suites. Each suite shares a kitchen and a bathroom. The west tower has about 20 rooms per floor that are singles, doubles or triples that all share a large kitchen and two bathrooms. The annex is a tight-knit community consisting of singles, doubles, and triples that shares a large kitchen and multiple bathrooms and its own laundry room. All kitchens have a communal stove, fridge, microwave, and large table, which make them well suited for cooking. They also have a sofa and TV, which make them comfortable lounge spaces. They have recently been fitted with white board walls which make them good group study places as well. We've introduced FYRE and most of our West Tower doubles have been turned into triples, but there's still plenty of room!


McCormick has extensive facilities, including two large living rooms where residents can play piano, socialize, or study with friends; two penthouses overlooking the Charles River and the Boston skyline; an excellent dance studio where dance groups from all over campus practice; a dining hall with a wide selection of food, with many dietary restricted options; a basement that has a game room, room for summer storage, a bike rack, and a laundry room that all residents are free to use; a courtyard where our sought-after McCormick barbecues are held; and a front lawn where we hold our annual spring picnic in April and play in the snow in the winter.


McCormick has multiple support networks including Heads of House, Graduate Resident Assistants (GRAs) on every other floor, and an Area Director (AD). We also have student support networks such as Resident Peer Mentors (RPMs), MedLinks and an optional big/little program. McCormick has an active House Government that advocates for students and plans many events for residents. We hold weekly events in our lobby and living rooms including movie nights, post-exam study breaks, and smoothie nights! GRAs also hold study breaks for their floors very frequently with a large selection of activities and foods that are always a nice break to have. Make-your-own pizza dinners hosted by our Heads of House, formals with other dorms, and fondue nights in the penthouse are some of our famous annual events. 



Facility Information

Facility Information: 

Capacity: 255

Coed: all women

Room Types: Singles-84%; Doubles-14%; Triples-3%

Cost per semester: $6,775 - $5,360

House Tax: $60

Dining Program: meal plan required

Smoking: no

Carpeting: some rooms

Air Conditioning: no

Elevator: yes

Pets: no pets (except fish)

Style of Building: corridor style

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Dining Information

Dining Information: 

Dining Hall in building. More information at


While McCormick has a dining hall, many of us also enjoy cooking for ourselves. There are 1-2 kitchens per floor, each equipped with a fridge, a stove, an oven, a sink, a microwave, and at least one cabinet per person living on the floor. As we are close to campus, we often come back to McCormick and cook lunch. We also use our kitchens to bake together on weeknights and weekends. However, what makes the McCormick dining hall special is that it has many wonderful healthy and delicious options to choose from that also cater to many people with different dietary restrictions (such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and halal). We have many themed nights such as crowd-favorites: Soul Food night, other themed nights (like the Yule ball for Harry Potter fans alike, and Hawaiian night etc.) and the McCormick barbecue. 

  • View from McCormick Hall roof deck
  • The dining hall in McCormick Hall

Meet the House Teams

Jon Nolan (House Operations Manager)
Akimmie Parker (Area Director)