Maseeh Hall

Building W1
305 Memorial Drive
Cambridge, MA 02139

Maseeh Hall

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About the Community

Maseeh Hall. MIT's castle. Our home. Maseeh is the largest, best lit, and safest dorm around. Located in the center of MIT, it is the most conveniently located dorm on campus, and the only dorm that serves lunch!
Maseeh’s motto is “Be you, with us.” As the most diverse dorm on campus, we also strive to be the most inclusive. Almost 500 undergraduates call Maseeh Hall their home. We have 12 Graduate Resident Assistants (GRAs), a visiting Resident Scholar, Heads of House, Associate Heads of House, and an Area Director, all living in this building and available to help out with academics or life issues. Together, we form a community where everyone feels welcomed and valued.
If you think Maseeh Hall is just a building, think again. With vibrant and diverse residents, we see students of every course working in our lounges and study rooms. Each floor is developing its own culture and forming a unique community, throwing events and weekly study breaks together. As a house, we hold two formals each year: the Fall Boat Cruise and the Spring Formal, along with a load of other fun things in between! Whether you like rock climbing, apple picking, or fine dining, you’re sure to find events you’re interested in at Maseeh!
As Maseeh Hall has only been open for four years, its place on campus is still being defined. We are shaping and forming the culture and reputation of this dorm. The art we create is going up on the walls, the things we do are becoming traditions, and the stories we tell shall be passed along from generation to generation!

Facility Information

Facility Information: 

Capacity: 500

Coed: yes

Room Types: Singles-21%; Doubles-60%; Triples-6%; Quads-5%

Cost per semester: $6,775 - $4,730

House Tax: $50

Dining Program: meal plan required

Smoking: no

Carpeting: hallways only

Air Conditioning: no

Shuttle Stop: yes

Elevators: yes

Pets: no pets (except fish)

Style of Building: corridor style

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Dining Information

Dining Information: 

Dining Hall in building. More information at

Meet the House Teams

Cullen Buie (Heads of House)
Donielle Buie (Heads of House)
Danielle Wood and Jonathan Wood (Associate Heads of House)
Jhon Gonzalez (House Operations Manager)
Rebecca (Becky) Kjaerbye (Area Director)