MacGregor House

Building W61
450 Memorial Drive
Cambridge, MA 02139

MacGregor House



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Facility Information

Facility Information: 

Capacity: 318

Coed: yes (some single gender suites)

Room Types: Singles-99%; Doubles-1%

Cost per Semester: $5,220 - $4,610

House Tax: $68

Dining Program: cook-for-yourself community

Smoking: no

Carpeting: all rooms

Air Conditioning: no

Elevator: yes

Pets: no pets (except fish)

Style of Building: suite style

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Dining Information

Dining Information: 

MacGregor does not have a dining hall. Many residents will cook by themselves or with friends using the convenient kitchens located within each suite, while others choose to be on the dining plan and eat at a neighboring dorm. The choice is yours!

MacGregor House is comprised of 312 singles and 3 doubles, distributed between the high-rise and the low-rise. Our singles are grouped into suites of either 6 or 8 people and suites are then grouped into 9 entries—extended-family-sized living units—labeled A through J (because “I” entry is imaginary, of course).
For every walk of life there’s an entry to suit it. Some entries go rock climbing on the weekends, others play board games all night, others go adventuring around campus and Boston, and still others celebrate your unbirthdays with zebras. If you choose to live at MacGregor, you’ll get to meet all the entries and see for yourself which one fits you best.
MacGregor has a wide array of facilities for its residents: a weight room, study rooms, game room, music room, and perhaps most importantly MacCon, a convenience store loaded with snacks to satisfy any craving. And the best part is that after a long day, you can come back to relax with your friends in the entry lounge or go to your own room to unwind.
At MacGregor, we don’t just have roommates; we have families.

Meet the House Teams

Larry & Terry Sass (Heads of House)
David Singer & Steve Bertone (Associate Heads of House)