German House

471-476 Memorial Drive (W70)
Cambridge, MA 02139

German House



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Facility Information

Facility Information: 

Capacity: 287

Coed: Yes (except for Chocolate City, an all male community)

Room Types: Single, Double, Triple

Cost per semester: $5,590 - $4,945

House Tax: $35 to $95 (depending on the specific house)

Dining Program: Cook-for-Yourself Community

Smoking: No

Carpeting: Hallways and Some Rooms

Air Conditioning: Yes

Elevator: No

Pets: No Pets (except fish)

Style of Building: Suite/Corridor Style

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Dining Information

Dining Information: 

German House has a cookcrew system. Working in teams of 3-4 residents, each student cooks once a week for a total of 6 meals a week. Besides cookcrew, you can feel free to use all of the German House communal dishes, cookware, and appliances to make your own food. Curious to see what meals are like? Check out our cookcrew website

Our mission is to foster unity and individuality, responsibility and creativity, and growth - both individual and communal - through our family-like lifestyle and unique common interests.
Here in the smallest living group on campus, we have a laid back, homey culture and a tight-knit family. On a typical Saturday night, you might find us relaxing or p-setting in the lounge, playing board games or enjoying a Netflix movie. Don’t speak German? That’s totally fine; while we would love it if you do, most of our members don’t. We have a variety of interests here in German House ranging from taekwondo, crafting, baking, dancing, volleyball, Smash Bro’s and ROTC. We all come to eat together, hang out, p-set, and watch the latest episode of Arrow or New Girl, but at the end of the day we can all retire to our glorious air-conditioned singles. Our wonderful cook crew system ensures that everyone eats 6 healthy meals each week, while committing to cook for 2 hours per week. We also host a few special dinners during the year with extra extravagant food, friendly guests, and fancy clothes! In addition to dinners, we organize fun social events such as rock climbing, ice cream runs, annual retreats, and inter-house study breaks.

Meet the House Teams

Wesley L. Harris (Head of House)
John Ross Campbell (Area Director)