Chocolate City

471-476 Memorial Drive (W70)
Cambridge, MA 02139

Chocolate City



Please feel free to access the Chocolate City webpage. Please direct any questions to Nenye Anagbobu.

Facility Information

Facility Information: 

Capacity: 287

Coed: Yes (except for Chocolate City, an all male community)

Room Types: Single, Double, Triple

Cost per semester: $5,590 - $4,945

House Tax: $35 to $95 (depending on the specific house)

Dining Program: Cook-for-Yourself Community

Smoking: No

Carpeting: Hallways and Some Rooms

Air Conditioning: Yes

Elevator: No

Pets: No Pets (except fish)

Style of Building: Suite/Corridor Style

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Dining Information

Dining Information: 
Most of the brothers of Chocolate City are not on a meal plan, meaning that they are responsible for preparing their own food. This can work in one of two ways: cooking in a rotation or opting to cook solo.
A cooking rotation is comprised of 4 brothers who agree to cook dinner for one another all 7 days of the week. Each person in the rotation cooks dinner no more than twice per week. Note that cooking rotations do not cover breakfast and lunch; each bro in a rotation is responsible for preparing these meals on their own. The cost of a rotation is on average $100-$125 per month, per person. This fee covers the cost of groceries, which are ordered and delivered via Instacart. Over a 4-month semester, one can expect to spend $400 to $500 in a cooking rotation. Though this fee does not include the cost of preparing oneself breakfast and lunch, the total cost is still considerably smaller (by approximately 40-50%) than the most basic meal plan offered.
Cooking solo is conceptually similar to a rotation, but instead of cooking dinner for 4 people twice per week, one would be cooking dinner for 1 person 7 times per week. Also, those cooking solo are naturally responsible for cooking himself breakfast and lunch 7 days per week. The exact cost of cooking solo varies from person to person, but still expect the total to be considerably less than a meal plan.
It is important to note that one is still allowed to be on a meal plan if they live in Chocolate City. In fact, since New House does not have a dining hall, one is not required to be on a meal plan and can instead elect to do so. This is a popular choice among athletes, first semester freshmen, and those who have incredibly busy schedules.
Chocolate City is a brotherhood of MIT students and alumni who identify with urban culture and share common backgrounds, interests, ethnicities, and/or experiences. By cultivating a tradition of social, intellectual, character, and leadership development, the brothers of Chocolate City exemplify a high standard of excellence which is founded on continual growth. We seek to enrich the MIT and greater global communities by embodying the principles of our brotherhood.