Burton Conner House

Building W51
410 Memorial Drive
Cambridge, MA 02139

Burton Conner House



Facility Information

Facility Information: 

Capacity: 367

Coed: yes (some single gender suites)

Room Types: Singles-77%; Doubles-16%; Triples-7%

Cost per Semester: $5,220 - $4,130

House Tax: $60

Dining Program: cook-for-yourself community

Smoking: no

Carpeting: all rooms

Air Conditioning: no

Shuttle Stop: yes

Elevators: yes

Pets: no pets (except fish)

Style of Building: suite style

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Dining Information

Dining Information: 

A unique and interesting part of living at Burton-Conner is the opportunity to cook for yourself. Every suite in Burton-Conner is equipped with a small kitchen including a stove, an oven, a sink, at least one fridge, and enough cabinet space for all the people living in that suite. Residents who cook for themselves commonly buy groceries at Star Market, Trader Joe's, or Whole Foods, which are all about a mile from the dorm. There is also a shuttle that runs from the dorms to Star Market on the weekends, and a shuttle to Costco every other weekend. Cooking for yourself gives you more flexibility than the dining plan, letting you decide exactly what you want to eat and when you want to eat it. It's also a lot of fun experimenting with different recipes and trying new foods. Learning to grocery shop, plan meals, and cook your own food is important practice for living on your own once you graduate, but if you happen to be too busy to cook some nights, students who aren't on the dining plan can still purchase meals in the dining halls, or you could grab something to eat from any of the restaurants in Kendall Square or the Student Center.

Burton Conner comprises a delicious stew of nine unique floors, each seasoned with its own culture, history, and artistic aesthetic. Also in the mix are a dollop of paint, a handful of quality facilities, and a heaping helping of sharp-minded, warm-hearted people. This mouth-watering milieu can be found simmering in any one of Burton Conner’s well-equipped suite kitchens, or being dished out at one of BC’s dorm-wide events in the Porter Room, the largest indoor activity space north of the Charles and south of Briggs Field.
Burton Conner is known as the social dorm; we work hard, but we also play hard. Some of the things we play include:
A mean guitar
Certified club bangers at the annual Dance ‘Til You Drop party!
Jello wrestling
Apple Bake
Fire drill
Candlestick bowling (a Boston tradition!)
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Plotting the downfall of capitalism
Offering sacrifice to our deity and/or crustacean of choice
Settlers of Catan
Every year, hundreds of students choose to make their home in Burton Conner’s colorful halls, and we hope you will too. Come get a taste!