Housing Policies

First Year Residency Requirement

MIT requires all first year students to live on campus for the duration of their first year at MIT. We do make rare exceptions to this policy, in cases where first year students are married or going to live full-time with their parent/guardian who reside in the Cambridge/Boston area. We require a letter of petition from the student requesting to live off campus during their first year at MIT. In addition to the petition letter, we also require documentation of the off-campus residence where he/she would be living. This can be a copy of a lease, and/or proof of address, or other documentation indicating residence in the area and validating that the parent/guardian will be residing with the student.

The petition will be reviewed by the Housing Office in conjunction with the Executive Director, Administration for the Division of Student Life and the Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education.


Keys/MIT ID Cards

MIT ID cards are used to access MIT residence halls. If you lose your MIT ID, please report to the Card Office (located in the basement of W20) immediately to obtain a replacement.


Residents are prohibited from duplicating room, apartment, or house keys, or possessing a master key. Residents may be subject to severe disciplinary action for unauthorized use of keys.


If a resident has lost key(s), they will be charged for the replacement key(s) and changing of lock(s) by the Housing Office. All keys must be returned to the house manager upon checkout.


Keys will only be issued to the student assigned to a specific room. MIT staff are not permitted to issue a key to a friend, family member, or designee. Students are prohibited from giving their keys to anyone else.



You must provide your own bedding, and towels.


Mail, parcel post & express service

Every room and suite in an MIT residence has a separate locked mailbox, which is typically located near the house manager’s office. Mail and packages should be properly addressed in order to reach its recipient:


Student Name
Residence Hall name and room number
Residence Hall street address
Cambridge, MA 02139


MIT takes reasonable precautions to safeguard over-sized packages delivered to students at their residence halls but shall not accept responsibility for lost, stolen, or misdelivered parcels to the extent permissible by law. Once a student moves from their residence hall, they are required to leave a forwarding address at the residence hall front desk.


Please do not have any mail/packages arrive prior to the student checking into the room. The package will be sent back.


Temporary Overflow Housing

At times, it has been necessary to designate some rooms as temporary overflow housing. This means that we have to assign more students to these rooms than they typically accommodate. This usually affects first-year students.

  • All rooms meet city and state code requirements for size and occupancy level.
  • The rent for residents living in rooms designated as temporary overflow housing is reduced accordingly.
  • When space becomes available, students in temporary overflow housing are given priority over students in non-overflow spaces. (Vacancies are always filled in accordance with the room assignment policies of each individual residence.)
  • If one student in a room designated as temporary overflow elects to move to a permanent space, the rent for the remaining students in the room reverts to the full rate.

  • Triple and quad rooms in Baker House and Maseeh Hall were designed as such, and are not considered temporary overflow housing.



Prohibited Items

  • Microwave Ovens
  • Hot Plates
  • Toaster/Toaster Oven
  • Any cooking devices
  • Candles and Incense
  • Open heating elements
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Halogen lamps


For more policy information, please refer to the Housing Policies on the Housing Office website.