French House

471-476 Memorial Drive (W70)
Cambridge, MA 02139

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Facility Information

Facility Information: 

Capacity: 287

Coed: Yes (except for Chocolate City, an all male community)

Room Types: Single, Double, Triple 

Cost per semester: $5,590 - $4,945

House Tax: $35 to $95 (depending on the specific house)

Dining Program: Cook-for-Yourself Community

Smoking: No

Carpeting: Hallways and Some Rooms

Air Conditioning: Yes

Elevator: No

Pets: No Pets (except fish)

Style of Building: Suite/Corridor Style

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Dining Information

Dining Information: 

Here in French House, we have dinner together six nights a week, Sunday through Friday.  Everyone cooks one night a week as part of a four-person cooking team.  A different member of the team acts as head “chef” each week; that means that everyone gets to design the menu about once a month.


Aside from dinner, all members have full access to our (very well-equipped) kitchen, which we keep stocked with bulk ingredients including flour, butter, sugar, and more spices than comfortably fit in our cabinets!  We also have a sign-out system for goodies like eggs and fruit, to make it easy for French House members to keep themselves well-fed and happy.


Bonjour! We are La Maison Française (French House): a small, tight-knit living group at MIT. We have about 26 residents, spread over two floors in New House.

We represent a huge variety of majors, hobbies, and French-speaking ability. We win baking contests, have cuddle puddles, teach high schoolers, sing, build 3D printers, perform in musicals, dance, ice skate, run, bake more, hike, philosophize, host bubble tea parties, do musical movie marathons, go to Boston Symphony Orchestra concerts, and occasionally sleep. In the fall, we have a spooky Halloween party. In the spring, we all get fancy for our annual semi-formal, and in the winter our Dîner de Noel (a ginormous holiday dinner and party) is lots of fun for everyone.We throw birthday parties for each other, and sing "joyeux anniversaire" in four-part harmony. Day or night, you can usually find some delectable morsel up for grabs on the sactab: our "sacrificial table." Get caught in the "Bermuda Triangle"; conversations there are known to last all night.

What we all have in common: an interest and appreciation for French language and culture! That said, proficiency (or any French language ability at all) is NOT required to live here. All we ask for is enthusiasm and interest in learning! We invite French professors to come eat with us and help us practice our French, and sometimes watch (usually weird/hilarious) French films.

Our cooking system is unique on campus: we eat delicious, home-cooked, four-course meals six days a week - and each resident only has to cook once per week!

If all this sounds awesome to you, consider becoming a resident or a social member! Shoot us a message at the e-mail address below; we would love to hear from you.

Meet the House Teams

Wesley L. Harris (Head of House)
John Ross Campbell (Area Director)