East Campus

3 Ames Street (62 & 64)
Cambridge, MA 02142

East Campus



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Please email ec-welcome@mit.edu with any questions you have about East Campus!

Facility Information

Facility Information: 

Capacity: 357

Coed: Yes

Room Types: Single, Double

Cost per semester: $4,270 - $3,770

House Tax: $85

Dining Program: Cook-for-Yourself Community

Smoking: Yes (on two floors)

Carpeting: Hallways Only

Air Conditioning: No

Elevators: No

Pets: Cats (on five floors) and Fish Permitted

Style of Building: Corridor Style

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Dining Information

Dining Information: 
East Campus is a cook-for-yourself dorm; residents are not required to be on the meal plan. If your heart still yearns for MIT dining hall food, you can opt into the meal plan anyway, but we’re a tad far from the campus dining halls—if only for the sake of walking fewer steps per day, consider learning how to cook.
“Cook” has a flexible definition. At the very least, you can learn how to pour hot water over ramen or microwave dinosaur chicken nuggets. Should you be more ambitious, each of our 10 halls has a large, shared kitchen with three stovetops/ovens, three sinks, and at least three large refrigerators. Some halls have co-ops or cooking groups that take turns making dinner for each other. And as with anything else in EC: if you want to learn more, just ask.
(If the thought of cooking still offends you, not to worry--we’re a couple cartwheels away from Kendall Square, which has more than enough places to eat.)
Hello there, class of 2020! If, during REX, you find yourself craving burgers, hair dye, the smell of lumber, or the attentions of excited upperclassmen who want to talk to you, stop by EC and hang out!
We’re a community made up of ten distinct halls (~35 people/hall, 5 halls/parallel), united in our right to shape the place we call “home” as we see fit. If you live here, “home” can mean painting your own room however you’d like, building your own loft bed, or turning your room into a workbench. “Home” can mean owning a cat, or a fish, or a “fish”. Or not. “Home” can mean that you cook for yourself, or get your hallmates to follow you to Chinatown or Harvard Square for food.  “Home” can mean having an inflatable pool party in February in the courtyard, because why the hell not. Living at EC means that you can make your environment your own.
It varies a bit from hall to hall, but you’ll find that a general sense of happy pseudo-anarchy acts as our cultural adhesion. To pick but a few of our many traditions, we drink 11PM hot cocoa, hold annual ritual sacrifices, build light-up dance floors, spin fire-toys and breathe fire, enforce loud hours, spend a weekend subsidizing bad ideas, build large, wooden, sometimes-ridable structures for your entertainment, and we definitely win the Water War. We win it every year.
Our housemasters, Rob Miller and Sandy Alexandre, are pretty awesome. Rob lived in East Campus when he was an undergrad. If your parents are concerned that the murals on the walls indicate that we’re the dormitory version of Lord of the Flies, have them talk to Rob or Sandy. Or me. Or any upperclassman, really. We can explain.
If you’re looking for white walls and new fixtures, we … don’t have those. But if you’re intrigued—perhaps even excited—by the idea of joining a vibrant community forged through the trials of fixing radiators with forks and installing Linux on the oven to stop its incessant beeping, we might be the place for you.
    Piper L., East Campus President
P.S. If you’d like to live with us, but you’ve never handled a power tool, or aren’t a loud person, or are unsure of your opinions on ritual sacrifices -- we’d love to have you here in EC. There are plenty of happy residents who prefer quiet to loud, prefer playing piano to building a roller coaster, and prefer baking pumpkin pie to dropping pumpkins off the Green Building. And if you do end up craving some of the more “hardk0re” things: we’ll teach you! Most of us learned when we were freshmen too.

Meet the House Teams

Rob Miller (Head of House)
Sandy Alexandre (Associate Head of House)
Carrie Wicks (Area Director)